Use the  energies of Solar and Lunar Eclipses for Your personal power!


Eclipses are intense.. They amplify other energies. And they are perfect cosmic accelerators & Course-Correctors! Every Year, there are at least 2 or more pairs of Solar & Lunar Eclipses taking place. If full moons & New moons are so powerful for magic, just imagine what Eclipses can do..!!

  • TOTAL  Lunar Eclipse  on 15th April 2014  (in Libra)
  • ANNULAR  Solar Eclipse on 29th April 2014  (in Taurus)
  • TOTAL Lunar Eclipse - 8th October’14
  • PARTIAL Solar Eclipse - 23rd Ovctober’14

Prepare to learn all about Eclipse Magic - how, when, why, where.. and tap into their potential for you personal growth and development.. !  


Here are some resources for you.

Get ChartsCharts (donwloads now) --> : Charts for upcoming Lunar & Annular Solar Eclipses- April ‘14 & October’14

Watch webinarWebinar  (listen now) -->  Astrology basics for Eclipse Magicians

Slides astrology basicsSlides - Astrology Basics : About Transits, Planetary Symbols,Aspects and more

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