Use the  energies of Solar and Lunar Eclipses for Your personal power!

Eclipse Magic Workbook- Stellar Engineer your Life!


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 About Mani Navasothy - author of Eclipse Magic workbook

 Mani, brought up as a Hindu  in Sri Lanka, came and settled in the United Kingdom at the age of 15 yrs.  Following his father’s accidental death, Mani began to explore  pagan spirituality, and bagan developing a variety of esoteric interests such as astrology, runes, tarot and Witchcraft. Academically educated to degree standard (Physics Degree in a London University), he is also an initiated Wiccan High Priest of many years.   Over the years, Mani has built up extensive experience running  magical Training groups, Covens and initiated several people into Wicca, as well as promoting pagan spirituality in  TV,  Radio & news paper  interviews.

Mani’s expertise

  • Physics Graduate  : B.Sc degree in Physics (University of London).
  • Psychologist: Training in Transpersonal Psychology & Counseling Skills .
  • Project manager: Managed a tamil welfare Charity project in SW London for 3 years, and Employment-trained over 300 Tamil men and women.
  • Facilitator / Seminar leader:  Has been giving esoteric Talks & Workshops for over a decade  at high profile events.
  • Course Creator / Tutor:   Running outdoor /  indoor Wicca courses in London for 4 yrs. Started online eWitch  Apprentice Training courses recently.
  • Events Organiser:   over 7 years of expertise in running Open  rituals,  Conventions, camps & Pagan Picnics;  (PFL events, Gaian Conventions, Hern’s Tribe, Tamesa Londoin Circle)
  • Visionary Artist, /  Photographer    /  Web Designer

Manivannan Navasothy is the son of the late Mr Kanapathippillai Navasothy (Master of Arts), a Sri Lankan Tamil Scholar, public figure, author of many cultural (tamil) books, radio personality and Archivist.

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